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Workplace Investigations

Workplace investigations are our focus, and it shows. We are recognized for conducting timely, thorough, and fair investigations that are efficient and cost-effective. Washington employers count on us to ensure an impartial, objective process with clear, well-reasoned findings that help them make informed decisions and meet their compliance obligations.

With understanding and respect for the situation at hand, we give careful consideration to our investigative approach. We craft an investigation plan that is focused in scope and helps minimize the investigation’s impact on the workplace. We proceed with discretion, and treat all involved with respect and fairness. Surfacing information with tact and finesse is one of our strengths; we are skilled at navigating sensitive, complex situations and bring the experience necessary to identify and address subtle, nuanced issues.

Our investigative experience spans a broad range of industries, diverse workforces and cultures, union and nonunion workplaces, personnel at all organizational levels, matters involving multiple complainants and subjects, and issues of widely varying scope, complexity, and sensitivity. Over more than 250 cases, we have investigated allegations of discrimination, retaliation, sexual harassment, harassment based on a protected status, workplace misconduct, ethics violations, failure to accommodate disability and religion, bullying, and claims of improper governmental action.