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Title IX & Campus Investigations

With the complex challenges that Title IX and its legal requirements present, Title IX investigations require a seasoned practitioner with deep substantive knowledge and a well developed understanding of the unique dynamics involved.

We treat these highly sensitive situations with dignity, discretion, and equity, following due process and fundamental fairness principles. We bring our years of experience in treating interviewees with respect, surfacing information with tact, and navigating complicated matters. Our findings are carefully reasoned, well supported, and documented in comprehensive investigative reports that enable institutions to make sound decisions. And to ensure our investigations comply with Title IX and applicable legal standards, we are committed to continuous learning to stay on top of the evolving law and industry best practices.

Every step of the way, we ensure a first rate investigation that is thorough, impartial, timely, and reliable. For more information about our methods, visit our Approach page.

Title IX/Campus investigation credentials

Investigations of diverse campus claims

Extensive Title IX and higher education training and certification

The 2020 Title IX regulations require the public display of Title IX training materials. The ATIXA (Association of Title IX Administrators) training materials can be found on this website: https://atixa.org/2020-regulations-requirement-posting-of-training-materials.