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Labor Relations

Northwest Workplace Law provides comprehensive legal services tailored to the labor relations needs of employers throughout Washington State. Our clients look to us for strategic thinking, legal and practical advice, and effective representation in labor-management relations and employer rights and obligations.

We develop clear, cohesive labor relations strategies that align with our clients’ goals, philosophies, and workplace cultures. We serve as a vigorous advocate for the employers’ best interests while fostering respectful relations with employees and their representatives, leading to resolutions that work long-term. And we are adept at ‘taking the temperature’ of a situation and the stakeholders involved, calibrating when it’s important to be firm and when a more conciliatory approach is in our client’s best interests.

Every organization has its own priorities and challenges in labor relations. We offer a broad complement of legal services to meet our clients’ diverse and evolving needs, and we build forward-looking strategy into all aspects of our work. Our services include:

In situations where it is not feasible to have a legal advisor on-site, we can serve as a behind-the-scenes advisor on any labor matter. We can help develop specific objectives, create a strategy to achieve them, and provide analysis and advice throughout the process.